Serving the Chiropractic Community        

    "Bob Neiman has been working with Chiropractors in his CPA practice for over 20 years. He has worked with hundreds of chiropractors all across the United States. Because of his extensive experience with the profession, Bob is able to bring more than just tax and accounting to his relationship with his chiropractic clients."

    "Bob makes himself readily accessible to his clients via the phone, email, and fax. He takes the time necessary to understand you, your business, your financial needs, and your goals."

A list of references is available upon request

The following are some people that I work with serving the chiropractic community:

    Greg Stanley - Whitehall Management - Financial, money, and practice management seminars & consulting program

    Dr. Jack Flynn - Professional Practice Advisors - Dr. Jack Flynn provides brokerage services to chiropractors across the United States. His services include purchase & sale of practices, practice financing, and practice valuations

    Law Offices of Peick & Associates, PS - John Peick is an attorney in Washington State working actively with the chiropractic community & state chiropractic organizations. Peick & Associates, PS offers extensive experience in resolving personal injury cases and healthcare law involving professional discipline, regulatory compliance, and clinic business consulting.

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